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Dance Groups - 2021 Festival


​President: Deborah Brown

Artistic Director: Aliza Mintz


Avirah is University of Maryland's Israeli Dance Company. Originally formed in 1997 and revived in 2013, Avirah is now a strong performing group with diverse dance backgrounds. Avirah performs on campus, in the Greater Washington DC area, and at Israeli Dance Festivals along the East Coast. More information about Avirah can be found on their website


Artistic Director and Choreographer: Marnina Cowan


Kesem is the DC area Israeli dance troupe for 7th and 8th graders. Kesem was created to transition middle school students into Yesodot. Members of the group meet locally once a week to learn new dances and to share their growing love of Israeli folk dance.


Director and Choreographer:

Abby Wolf


Mavrik is a women's Israeli dance troupe in Washington, DC Their style mixes traditional Israeli dance with a modern twist. In addition to the Israeli Dance Festival DC, Mavrik also performs in the Israel Folkdance Festival Boston. 


Artistic Directors: Mike Fox and Marnina Cowan


Yesodot, an Israeli dance troupe comprised of high school teenagers from the Washington, DC area, prides itself on its ability to share Jewish culture with Jews and non-Jews through the medium of folk dance. The performances help audiences understand more about the land of Israel and the diverse backgrounds of the Jewish people. The dancers perform at many religious schools, old-age homes, and local/national Jewish and multi-ethnic folk festivals in the Baltimore/Washington area.


Artistic Director and Choreographer:
Missy Mandell

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Temple Shalom is excited to have its performing group in the Israeli Dance Festival DC for its third year! The dancers in Zohar will light up the stage with their love of dancing and their smiles and are excited to share their dance with everyone!

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