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The Israeli Dance Festival DC Committee:

Abby Kerbel

Jennie Berger


Margaret (Peggy) Antonisse

Judy Kerbel
Beri Kravitz

Israeli Dance Festival DC mission statement

The mission of the Israeli Dance Festival DC is to:

  • Showcase the Israeli dance performing groups of all ages in the Washington DC area.

  • Cultivate an appreciation of the rich culture of Israeli dance

  • Encourage the participation of people from all backgrounds, ages and skill-levels in Israeli dance through both performance and harkada (recreational communal Israeli dance)

  • Promote the growth and development of Israeli dancers to inspire future involvement and contributions to the Israeli dance community

Festival Mailing Address

Israeli Dance Festival DC

7067 Wolftree Lane

Rockville, MD 20852


Festival Performance Address

Your computer or device!

Festival Harkada Address

Details to be announced

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