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Policy for 2022 Israeli Dance Festival DC attendance



With everyone else, we are thrilled that the cases of Covid-19 and the hospitalizations are dropping, and the county’s response of easing restrictions is a hopeful one for all. Given this turn of events, we want to clarify our policy of continuing to require 2 vaccinations and masking for entry to the Israeli Dance Festival DC and to the community dance on Saturday night.


We made a pledge to our immune-compromised dancers and volunteers that we would strictly enforce the requirement for 2 vaccinations and masking, and their participation in the Festival is based on this commitment.  Such a guarantee is implicit for our elderly and vulnerable members of the audience as well. Further, we are an all–volunteer organization and don't have the manpower to evaluate and verify Covid-19 tests on the day of the Festival. Therefore we are committed to honoring this pledge and will strictly enforce limiting admittance to the Festival to those who show proof of the required vaccinations.


The recording of the Festival will be available on our website free of charge in the months following the festival.


We regret that we cannot be more flexible and fully understand that this causes hardship for some families. We appreciate your understanding and support, and we look forward to the time when restrictions are no longer necessary.


The Israeli Dance DC Committee for the 2022 Festival

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